About Us

MOOKAMBIKAI COACH, has been a part of the Tamilnadu MAXICAB and BUS Body Building industry for over south india. MOOKAMBIKAI COACH Plants having its own individual production infrastructure and capabilities independent of each other in as much as that they have their own machinery and production facilities sufficient for their separate production. MOOKAMBIKAI COACH,have established by Mr S. Saravanakumar B.E., and Mr R. Rajeshmani. both have above ten years of experience in this indutry who are young dyanmic and energetic.The management team is innovating new ideas and technlogies according to the customer needs.All these qualities of our management help us to attain success.

We have been accredited by the "Accreditation Committee of ARAI, PUNE" to an "B Grade" which is a credit to showcase our quality standards.

The MOOKAMBIKAI COACH plants are situated at THIRUMANILAIYUR, in the KARUR, in the state of TAMILNADU. we employ about 70 people and have the capacity and infrastructure to produce 100 MAXICAB bodies per annum. The advancement in design, plant and machinery, the installation, and the production as well as the development of the new products and process is executed with the help of professionals and technical staff.

MOOKAMBIKAI COACH, being one of the few organized players in the industry, having state-of-the-art plants equipped with production facility, has emerged as one of the major manufacturers of van which cater to both indigenous demands as well as export requirements. It is the endeavour of the company to continuously develop and train its personnel to be able to assimilate emerging trends in the industry and face the challenges for future development.

Product Ranges

The MAXICAB made by MOOKAMBIKAI VAN are well known in all regions of south India. They are characterized by remunerative price, simplicity and reliability. They are unpretentious in service. The VANS are suitable for different types of roads, bad conditions of road, for severe cold and hot tropical climate as well.

We are constantly innovating and improving the bus design and updating the technology used. We design the VANS to give maximum benefits to the owners and customize the buses to meet their specific requirements. We also design and produce innovative commercial VANS to meet vigorous shuttle service demands. Even today, our school VANS take more students to school than all other manufacturers combined. Specifically designed special-application vans help fulfil the versatile requirements of the modern market trends is also our area of expertise.


MOOKAMBIKAI VAN will provide quality vans at a competitive price, will ensure shortest delivery time in the industry and will maximise customers' satisfaction.


MOOKAMBIKAI VAN will be a market leader in the passenger transport segment that it operates in namely van Body Manufacturing.


We are committed to undertake honest practices and maintain consistently high ethical standards in all our business dealings.


We believe that effective business relationships, both inside and outside the company are possible only with optimum levels of trust between the parties.


Wherever possible, we will strive to be open and straightforward, while recognizing that in complicated business arrangements it is not always pragmatic to be transparent in all matters.


We will seek to play our full role in stimulating the sharing of information, knowledge, experience and skills, both within the company and where appropriate, externally.


Depending on value-enhancing work between our complementary businesses, teamwork and common causes pervades all our activities such as welding, designing, painting etc.,

R & D

We have qualified designers and draughtsman designing and developing new prototypes. Equipped with Auto CAD and modern design concepts we ensure that all details are verified.

Environment Policy

Change for the better is a never-ending quest at MOOKAMBIKAI COACH. Computer-aided design helps in the development new product offerings, which is an on-going process.

Quality Policy

MOOKAMBIKAI VAN is committed to provide products meeting customer's requirements on time to achieve superior customer satisfaction..

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